Amit Sha’al, Yedioth Ahronoth

Thousands of Voices – One Nation

Imagine 12,000 people standing side by side, all singing the same song. A song so beautiful that it tugs the heartstrings, and an effect so powerful it blows the mind. Now imagine, right at the center of this swaying mass of singers, none other than the President of Israel. And as you probably also imagined—he’s singing the loudest of all.

In the life of a president, there are many exciting and inspiring moments. Few, however, can approach the sense of excitement and inspiration that prevailed at Koolulam, the largest mass singing event in the country, hosted by the Office of the President in 2018. Held in honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary, the event invited thousands of Israelis from every place, every background, and every worldview to put aside their differences for the sake of a song, and to distill the essence of a presidency for which partnership has always been the defining purpose.

Led by Koolulam and  popular Israeli singer Shlomi Shabbat, the crowd sang a much-loved song by the iconic lyricist Naomi Shemer, known for her words’ ability to express a country’s emotions. As those 12,000 Israelis sang together, they created harmony both in song and among each other, and showed that the sound of Israeli unity is music to everyone’s ears.

*Koolulam – a social initiative for joint creation