Yoav Alon

Acting Up for Inclusion

At Link 20, no one is spinning his or her wheels — unless, that is, they’re on the dance floor.

Come to any party thrown by this network of social activists, and you’re as likely to see people dancing on two legs as twirling themselves or their friends in wheelchairs. Either way, they’re all having a great time, and sending a message of inclusion, accessibility, and respect in the process.

Link 20’s activists are young men and women with and without disabilities working to promote the rights of disabled people in Israel and to ensure their full integration into society. An initiative of the Ruderman Family Foundation, the nationwide network convenes every year for leadership training, the highlight of which is the Hackathon for digital entrepreneurship. This year’s theme is handicapped access to public transportation, and if previous years’ campaigns are any indication, Israel had better watch out: With a motto like “Act Up for Inclusion”, you can bet changes (for the better) are on the way.