About the Initiative

Vibe Israel is a not-for-profit organization energizing and inspiring the next generation about Israel since 2011. The organization had much success in the digital realm creating over one billion positive online mentions about Israel.

The Organization’s flagship program, the Vibe Israel Initiative, is a long-term work-plan to brand Israel around the world, that is based on a joint effort by the Israeli private and public sector, as well as the leaders of the Jewish Diaspora. The branding strategy was created based on extensive research, a key conclusion of which was that Israel’s cultural diversity is one of our strongest assets when marketing Israel both inwards and outwards.

We see this exhibition, celebrating “shared Israeliness”, as an opportunity to shine a light on Israel’s diversity at its best. We are proud to establish this joint venture together with President Reuven Rivlin and the president’s Office team. We believe that the people who are able to share Israel’s story and use it to inspire others around the globe are those who embody that very story – each and every one of the people constituting Israeli society and the Jewish communities abroad

You are welcome to learn more about the Vibe Israel Initiative at:

We wish to thank all our partners in this project, including all those who chose to remain anonymous, for their support of this important effort.

תרומה לזכרם של:
דוידה בת שלמה ז”ל
מיכאל בן אליעזר ז”ל
דוב בן משה ז”ל

Israeli Hope is the president’s flagship program for strengthening statehood and establishing partnership between the four main sectors that comprise Israeli society:  secular, religious, ultra-Orthodox, and Arab. Israeli Hope operates in key social and economic fields – in education, academia, employment, sport, and more. Israeli Hope seeks to strengthen the “togetherness” of Israeli society, through giving respect and place to every group that comprises it, in order to ensure the strength and prosperity of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. 

All the project activity focuses on the creation of broad-based cooperative action undertaken in cooperation with government ministries, philanthropic foundations and civil society organizations.

Within these partnerships, the Office of the President serves as an organizational and motivational force that has the power to bring together to the table the partners necessary to lead the desired change, while forming a new standard of values in the relevant institutions in light of the changes and transformations taking place in Israeli society.

Israeli Hope in Academia takes action to promote a diverse and culturally competent academic world; Israeli Hope in Employment promotes employment diversity, emphasizing the full integration of

Haredim and Arabs in the economy; Israeli Hope in Education seeks to promote Education for a Shared Society and “Israelihood” (a shared Israeli culture), given the four separate education streams; Israeli

Hope in Sport works at promoting tolerance and dealing with violence and racism, Israeli Hope in the Regional Clusters deals with developing and intensifying the partnership between the various communities in each region and in the various activities of the region.