Avishag Shaar-Yashuv

A Space for Change

At Moona: A Space for Change, they believe that Israel’s diversity is a source of strength, and that the language of technology is one we can all speak together.

The Moona Center, located in Majd al-Krum in Israel’s north, is a space for innovation that engages youth from across the religious and national spectrum in three points of intersection between the worlds of science and gaming: robotics, drones, and escape rooms. Walk in one morning, and you’ll find Jewish students working together with Arab, Druze, and Bedouin students. Later on, you’ll hear both religious and secular youth conversing animatedly with retirees. And in the afternoon, teenagers from around the country meet to work on their latest projects. When you see a group of boys and girls having a heated discussion about their escape room’s organizational chart or the right parts for their 3D printer, you realize that the work happening here not only will be a means of Israel’s future success, but also, more importantly a reason for hope.