Pini Siluk

A Network of Mothers

Women’s movements hold tremendous power, wherever they’re found. Even — or especially — on the cachibol court.

The Mamanet League, the largest social-and-sports league geared specifically for mothers, was established in Israel in 2005. Now, it is played in countries far and wide, including the United States, Austria, Italy, and Greece.

The Mamanet motto gets right to the point:

Mothers create families, families build communities, and communities catalyze change.

Today, Mamanet is played by thousands of women throughout Israel, from every walk of life: secular and religious, Arab and Jewish, Druze and Bedouin, and many more. They may work up a sweat, but the real work is in coming together on the court. The spirit of camaraderie, the shared discourse, and the commitment to coexistence — for those who play at Mamanet, there can be no losers. They — and we all — win when the value of partnership is promoted, both on the court and in daily life.