Eldad Rafaeli

A Journey of Israeli Hope

“A Journey of Israeli Hope” is a journey throughout Israel that provides unmediated encounters with the various groups in Israeli society. Designed to deepen different groups’ understanding of each other and of the values they share in common, to develop a sense of mutual trust, and to instill a belief in the value of shared responsibility, the journey features three different tracks: one for educators, one for students at teaching colleges, and one for high-school juniors and seniors. In its first two years of operation alone, hundreds of participants from all three tracks have set out on the journey and taken the first steps toward building a better future for us all. Or, as Tali Amirim, a senior from the Rabin High School in Kfar Saba, explained, “We received an amazing opportunity to really get to know every group in Israel, and to upend the stigmas about all of them.

The Journey, undertaken in partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Education, the UJA-Federation of New York, the Lautman Foundation, Masa Israel Journey, and the Rothschild Foundation, is one of the flagship programs of “Israeli Hope”, the initiative of President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin, to strengthen statehood and establish partnerships between the various tribes that compose Israeli society.

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