Avishag Shaar-Yashuv

A Home for All

These young men and women grew up in different communities, speaking different languages, and among families from different cultures. But at Igy, what they share in common is far more important than what sets them apart: The desire to empower LGBTQ individuals, and to ensure a better future for the LGBTQ community in their state.

Igy, an acronym for Israel Gay Youth, is home to thousands of young men and women from every walk of Israeli life — religious and secular, Jewish and Arab, native Israelis and new immigrants — and every corner of the country. Igy’s counselors and educators work to create a space in which all people can grow and thrive, nourished by an atmosphere of openness and acceptance and unimpeded by the need to hide their sexual identity or gender. In other words, they build a home in which everyone is welcome. And together, they create the change they want to see.