Pini Siluk

A Door Open to Everyone

The word “bab” in Arabic means “door”, and the suffix “com” means “yours.” When the company Babcom put the two together, it expressed its vision of a door open to everyone, which offers all who pass through it an equal chance at success.

Babcom, which provides call-center services to leading Israeli companies, was founded a little over a decade ago by the entrepreneur Imad Telhami, Matrix Ltd and the late industrialist Dov Lautman. They conceived of Babcom as an answer to the challenge of employment in Israel’s periphery, and an experiment in bringing employees from every group in Israel together in a single workplace.

The response was overwhelming. Arabs, secular, religious, and ultra-Orthodox Jews, Circassians, Bedouins, and more — they all came to Babcom, and proved through a thriving work culture that social vision and business excellence can both complement and enhance each other.

At Babcom, Hanukkah is celebrated together with Christmas, and Easter alongside Ramadan. Observant members of all religions work side by side with secular colleagues. And all employees end each workday with the awareness that if mutual respect and the celebration of difference can result in a more successful company, it can surely be the blueprint for a more prosperous society, as well.